Brown’s Bay Packing Company has been custom processing farmed fresh salmon in the spectacular Seymour Narrows of British Columbia since 1989.  With a small but eager staff of 25 and a modestly sized facility, Brown’s Bay Packing opened for business with expectations to process 2.5 million lbs. of farmed fresh salmon.

Today we now employ as many as 45 full-time people and process in excess of 32 million lbs of product each year.  This amounts to a payroll that injects $1.5 million into the local Campbell River economy and expenditures of more than $1.75 million for supplies and services from other British Columbia businesses.

Our ideal location allows for salmon to be delivered to our dock. With our facility being approximately 2.5 hours from the Nanaimo Duke Point Ferry Terminal, the salmon we process today will be in Vancouver or Seattle tomorrow morning for final distribution to customers throughout the U.S., Asia and Canada.

In 2006, we completed a major renovation of our facility and added some of the most sophisticated salmon processing equipment available in the world.  This new technology has increased our production capacity and improved our handling methods.  It has positioned our company to maintain its leadership position in the salmon processing industry for many years to come.

Within just 20 or-so years, the salmon farming industry in British Columbia has grown to be the province's largest agricultural exporter and an enormous contributor to the economies of coastal communities.  The demand for healthy seafood is increasingly strong, and salmon farmers are helping to meet it with high-quality, fresh products that are available throughout the year.

We are extremely proud of the role we play in the delivery of fresh, wholesome and innovative salmon products to the marketplace. This is a task and a responsibility we undertake with care, technical expertise and commitment. 


Mission Statement: “Our vision is to be the trusted stewards of our customer's harvest. From brailer
to box-up we join them in their business, bringing technical innovation and careful handling.
We provide custom seafood processing in a way that honours all our relationships.”

"Our excellence is our ability, as a team, to blend our years of experience to process our customer's fish in a way that makes it clear that we care about the smallest detail; adding to their profit, not just to ours."